Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Happy" Meal

My Jaderbug hasn't been feeling well lately, yesterday he said he felt like he was going to throw up (as a Mcdonalds commercial plays in the background). I am not sure which part of the commercial he was referring to but he says "See, that's why I need a happy meal!", now I'm slightly confused "You need a happy meal so you won't throw up?"

Jaden: "Yeah, that's why the "word's" right."

me: "What word? You mean that's why they call it a happy meal?"

Jaden: "Yeah!! That's why when kids are gonna throw up they ask their moms and dads for a happy meal and they say "yes"." (this is a clever tactic;)

Well who am I to argue with such logic? Unfortunately a happy meal did not seem like the best approach to his problem, but when I informed him that we would sadly not be getting the coveted "happy" meal, I got the shocked "are you kidding me?" look followed by "Do you want me to throw up?!!". So, today since he was feeling better we got a happy meal, I mean after a performance like that, what's a girl to do? ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Apparently I haven't updated my blog for awhile (so I've been told) so here I am way past my bedtime, this is likely going to be nothing more than a middle of the night rambling, so sit back and enjoy! Hmm, lets see, anything special in my life right now? Well, I shot my first wedding this weekend and well, aside from the 25 mile an hour winds, one of the bridal parties parents getting food poisoning and my flash not working, I'd say it went pretty well (I'm thinking I should stick with child photography). Although the (few) pictures we were able to get due to the weather, turned out very nicely, the stress of a wedding is just not my thing (we're talking emotional breakdown, of course it was family so that may have contributed). I may have a wedding in May (thanks Trish;) but they will not be having a reception and only a small family gathering so I'm thinking the stress will not be so much:) I went to a marketing seminar this Monday, there was some great infomation, it gave me a sense of renewal and I can't wait to start using the ideas!

This week is spring break here so Jaden is staying with "nana" for the week, it has been quiet with only one child, I see his little toy cars scattered about the house, it makes me miss him. I guess he went to his cousins soccer game on Tuesday, they were playing, kicking the ball back and forth, well the ball hit him "where it hurts" and he was crying for mommy and daddy, poor guy! Jaden is my lovebug, he randomly says "mommy," "yes," I say, "I love you." melt my heart. Can you tell I'm missing him? Before we left for the weekend he let me take some pictures of him, he really wanted me to get a good picture. He would try a pose and say "how about this mom?" it was so cute. I will leave you with one of my favorites from his "session".